Klaviyo Attribution Reporting: Klaviyo vs Google Analytics

Attribution is one of the most important – and challenging – aspects of digital marketing. Many Klaviyo customers turn to Google Analytics to try to fill in gaps in their attribution reporting, but Nautilus has made it even easier to get the Klaviyo attribution reporting you need.

Let’s look at one of the views for Campaigns for Klaviyo. It provides a comparison of Klaviyo vs Google Analytics attribution methodologies.

Klaviyo vs GA

Consolidated reports of Klaviyo vs Google Analytics

Many Klaviyo customers look at Attribution for a Performance for Campaigns, both within Klaviyo’s reporting, as well as in Google Analytics.

Nautilus basically brought those together, so you’re not toggling between tabs or trying to do things in Excel. You’ll have your Campaigns, the date of your Sends, the number of Sends, and other important metrics easily accessed in one view.

Different attribution methodologies = confusion

One thing most people don’t realize is that Klaviyo attributes via Opens or Opens and Clicks. Obviously, Opens are a little bit different now that Apple Mail tracking has changed what they track, but you can essentially see the Opens and Clicks.

With Google Analytics, on the other hand, the only way the UTM is going to fire is off of a Click.

Klaviyo vs GA

These different attribution methodologies cause a lot of confusion.

With Nautilus, you can look at what both Google Analytics and Klaviyo are each reporting, and then do a comparison. No more toggling back and forth between reports or Excel.

Just one thing also to call out: Klaviyo enables multiple ways of setting up your UTM configuration. Whichever way you have set it up, Nautilus has you covered.

Klaviyo vs GA

Better insights for better business decisions

This is just one of the examples of how Nautilus provides more complete, clear, accessible information to help you see clearly what’s happening at your business.

Schedule a demo of Nautilus Analytics so we can show you the many ways Nautilus powers actionable insights that unlock growth in your business.


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