Klaviyo Send Time Performance Summary

At Nautilus, we are always trying to give Klaviyo email marketers an additional level of visibility to help you diagnose problems and identify opportunities in your email marketing strategy.

That’s why we developed the Klaviyo Send Time Performance Summary view.

Klaviyo - Send Time Summary

Improving upon Klaviyo analytics

If you want to perform a Send Time analysis within Klaviyo’s native analytics, it’s pretty darn hard to do.

But with the Klaviyo Send Time Performance Summary view in Nautilus, you can quickly get a sense of how your campaigns are performing, and you can look at a detailed level of granularity to investigate data that deserves a more thorough review.

Starting at the top level of the view, you can look at the volume of Sends by the different times of day that you’re sending, and get the same analytics that you expect for your email campaigns, such as Deliverability, Opens, and Clicks, Unsubs, Spams, Conversion, Revenue, and Revs/000s.

You can also look at the Campaign level. At this level, you can filter by Campaign, by Lists/ Segments, or by Subject Line.

Klaviyo - Send Time Summary 2

Better insights for better business decisions

Email is a major driver of revenue and profit at your business, and you need the right analytics to maximize your opportunities. The Nautilus Analytics integration with Klaviyo gives you an easy-to-use interface to quickly find the insights in your data that will enable better business decisions.

You’ll be able to do that filtering here, or we have a separate view if you want to just do it that way.

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