Klaviyo Attribution Reporting: Klaviyo vs Google Analytics

Klaviyo vs Google Analytics

Attribution is one of the most important – and challenging – aspects of digital marketing. Many Klaviyo customers turn to Google Analytics to try to fill in gaps in their attribution reporting, but Nautilus has made it even easier to get the Klaviyo attribution reporting you need. Let’s look at one of the views for […]

Klaviyo Reporting: Domain Performance Report

Klaviyo Reporting Domain Performance

One of the Klaviyo reporting views that email marketers want to look at is the performance they are getting at the domain level. They’re looking for answers to questions like: Are there any issues impacting deliverability? Are our emails to certain domains going to spam? Are there any meaningful performance differences by domain? Such that […]

Klaviyo Send Time Performance Summary

Klaviyo - Send Time Summary 2

At Nautilus, we are always trying to give Klaviyo email marketers an additional level of visibility to help you diagnose problems and identify opportunities in your email marketing strategy. That’s why we developed the Klaviyo Send Time Performance Summary view. Improving upon Klaviyo analytics If you want to perform a Send Time analysis within Klaviyo’s […]

Klaviyo – Broader Nautilus Overview

Those of you familiar with Klaviyo are familiar with analytics screen here. You can see it’s a pretty typical one and there’s really not that much that you have available to you within the Performance Dashboard. You have a little bit around conversion and campaign performance. When you get to Custom Reports, you can see […]