Learn How Nautilus Analytics Will Increase Your LTV & MRR

Understand Cohort Analyses Like Never Before

Track LTV by cohort over time, see top customers and products In any time range, or via multiple layers of customer segmentation, so that you have both an overall and granular view of your business.  

The Most Robust Set of Retention and Repeat Order Analytics on the Market

Whether solely in Shopify or additionally for ReCharge-specific subscriptions, Nautilus provides you a deep view into what your customers are doing over time.  

Data-Driven Product Recommendation Engine Works to Increase Your AOV & LTV

Our machine-learning, amazon-like recommendation engine is based on actual data from your customers and helps to inform your checkout, onboarding and overall lifecycle marketing efforts. Dig even deeper with our lag between orders report, or find different ways to segment your customers in various stages of their journey.  

Step by Step How Nautilus Works With You

Onboard with Nautilus Analytics

To maintain the highest level of service, your Nautilus Analytics experience will begin with a one on one in-depth onboarding & educational training. We show you EXACTLY how Nautilus works AND how to best use Nautilus to increase your LTV, your MRR and drive decisions with actionable data in your business.


Utilize Actionable Data to Pinpoint Growth and Skyrocket Revenue

With Nautilus you will be able to better understand your customers LTV, behavioral insights, data driven product recommendations, core subscription analytics and revenue retention, aids in understanding the trends in cancellation reasons and more.

Scale Your Business & Brand with Confidence

With Nautilus you will better understand your business and your customers. As a result, your brand will begin to scale like never before using the exact same data points that top Shopify marketers are looking at.


Additional Features

Segment Your Data

Filter by Marketing Channel, 1st Product Purchased, Discount Code, Shopify Tags, and More.

Save & Share Reports

Save Time and Energy By Saving Your Favorite Reports and Sharing Them With Your Data Analyst.

No User Limits

Invite Your Entire Team or Just Certain Key Users, Either Way We Have No Limits on Users.

Rapid Reporting

Unlike Clunky, "Sexy Looking" Softwares, Nautilus Is Designed For Speed and Accuracy.

Raw Data Exports

Need to Export Your Data? Not a Problem! We Have Easy to Export Data Reports.

Historical Data

It's Your Data and You Have Unlimited Access to It! We Never Limit Your Historical Data Access.

Ready to dive in?