Powering Shopify Brands with Actionable Insights

Because data or analytics by themselves are not the goal. We help businesses focus on what drives the business and what to do differently tomorrow!

Focus on the Fundamentals. Identify the Opportunities.

Everything in Nautilus has been built with action in mind.  No one wants sexy-looking reports that rarely lead to action.  Nailing the basics to grow your business is our definition of sexy.  Nautilus is designed to help you identify the opportunities with the greatest leverage for your business.  

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The Shopify and Klaviyo Reports You Need...Without Wasting Time In Spreadsheets.

Nautilus gives you the data views and actionable insights for your key Shopify and Klaviyo performance metrics without wasting your time doing manual data manipulation in spreadsheets.  

Delve Deeper by Segmenting Your Customer Base

See the differences in your business by marketing channel, products purchased, discount code, 1st purchase type (one-time vs. subscription), sales channel, and more.  We have layered in easy-to-use filters and views so you can see the nuances in your business.  

No Dev Team Needed. We Simply Plug Into Your Store.

Say goodbye to manual exports and tracking. Nautilus Analytics integrates Shopify, Google Analytics, Recharge and Klaviyo in a matter of minutes.

Nautilus Success Stories

"We've been looking for in-depth LTV/CAC data and nothing gave us the clarity before using Nautilus. This app is lightning fast and helped us totally reconfigure our advertising strategy with detailed LTV data. We realized we could spend twice as much to acquire a customer and our PPC campaigns have been on fire ever since."
Harrison Richards
Founder, Furls Crochet
"Nautilus Analytics has provided us with a deeper understand of our data for the brands that we manager. We’ve been able to use this data to optimize our paid media channels, email campaigns, and product offerings. The Nautilus dashboard is blazing fast and presents the data in a digestible format. Their customer service is the best in game.”
Blake Driver
Director of Marketing, Root Marketing
Nautilus has been a game-changer for us. Before, we were using a patchwork overly customized version of Google Analytics that didn't actually glean anything meaningful about our subscribers nor gave us any confidence in the data we were working with in the first place. Since starting with Nautilus, we feel not only that we're in a much better spot about the quality of the data aggregated straight from the source, but the reports have been outstanding. Our cohort analysis capability has been leveled up, and we no longer make any decisions without consulting at least one report from inside Nautilus. Seriously amazing stuff.
Cyrus Roepers
Founder, Somnifix

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